Noite vinyl edition

Neuropa Records will be releasing the vinyl edition of the new Sangre de Muerdago full-length album “Noite”. No expenses are being spared in order to make this one of our most beautiful releases thus far. The album is being pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl and will be housed in a gatefold sleeve with copper foil printing and faux-leather lamination. The test-press has been approved and we expect to ship out the first copies early May.

“When I heard that Sangre De Muerdago were coming to the Pacific Northwest I couldn’t believe it. Their albums are some of the most listened to music in my collection, especially while traveling. For some reason their music walks hand in hand with the concept of the journey. Their latest album “Noite“ is a stunning piece of modern folklore that manages to hint at things ancient and timeless while being completely vital and necessary in our modern age. As a listener and fan of the band, I can’t recommend them enough.”
– Steve Von Till / Neurosis / Neurot Recordings

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is the creation of Pablo C. Ursusson. Acknowledged musician, composer, painter, sculptor, lyricist, free soul and traveller of the deep forests and the seven seas, together with different guests and collaborators that include outstanding and recognized musicians Georg Börner, Erik Heimansberg and Asia Kindred Moore as main collaborators at the moment.


“Noite” is the 4th album of Leipzig-based Galician folk-druids Sangre de Muerdago. A new step up in the history of emotional music; a birth of a musical journey full of light in the darkness, from the depths of troubled hearts, and proving this international ensemble capable to print their aknowledged exquisite live performance into a recording.

With their previous album “O Camiño das Mans Valeiras” (2015) getting excellent international critic acclaim and countless mentions on best-of-the-year lists in 2015, they‘re back with an album that crushes the borders of their Galician musical heritage. With twelve songs pouring playful melancholy, ancient spirit and romanticism, they push the levels of emotion beyond what was done in the realm of folk music until now.


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