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ULVER boutique

We have printed Ulver shirts and zipped hoodies as well as some girlies; a total of 4 designs have been made available again. Check our webstore for available designs & sizes.

Still available as well is the William Blake 2LP:

Themes from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, released in 1998, was different from what Ulver had made before. Tore Ylwizaker, a new composer and sound architect, added to Garm’s expanding artistic visions, and together they stepped over the boundaries of black metal aesthetics, creating a genre-defying work. In this album, the musicians blended electronics, industrial music elements, progressive metal and avant-garde rock, adding ambient passages. Comes as 2×12″ on heavy duty black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

Adversum’s double penetration

On 29th October our eclectic metal imprint Adversum will release two albums, first reviews are coming in and we wanted to share some of these with you already:

Stagant Waters – s/t:“The fusion of black metal, electronica, industrial, and jazz was all thrown together into a blender and sliced apart before becoming something far more original and fearsome. Though, knowing what each of the members of the band have come from and done in their other bands and projects, I guess it shouldn’t come as such a surprise. […] I had been waiting for this album for several years now and it certainly did not disappoint me. If anything, it actually surprised me with the directions that the band explored on several of these tracks and, if only for that, I love the album. Check this out, it’s easily one of the most exciting black metal records I’ve heard all year.”
9/10 – Don’t Count On It Reviews

Yurei – Night Vision: “Night Vision is similar to watching the performance of a hyperactive yet insane jester’s dance in a dark, twisted theatre. […] It is to no surprise that listeners are able to find distinctive traits of post, black metal and jazz elements into the avant-garde madness of it all. […] Night Vision, from start to finish, is an ever-flowing river of depth and consistency such that it is able to provide listeners with a complete and organic listening experience.”
4/5 – Deaf Sparrow Reviews

More & full reviews can be read here!

Bordel Militaire’s debut album: ready for consumption!

Bordel Militaire‘s self-titled debut draws inspiration from classic film soundtracks, lounge and exotica artists, and iconic 60’s production techniques. Featuring contributions from Boyd Rice, among others.

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Available now through

Bordel Militaire