Adversum Releases

It’s about to get dark in Oslo. In week 34 of 2010, a crazed crossbreed of Norwegian and Belgian madness and ambition launched itself into the world to serve you wild-hearted, progressive and dystopian music from the furthest regions of the human psyche. Its name is Adversum.

Adversum is run by Kim Sølve (TKDS/Trine + Kim design studio) and Kim (label boss of Neuropa).
All art direction and artwork is by TKDS. Distributed by Neuropa.

Adversum – a spiritual prosthesis.

Yurei – Night Vision
Stagnant Waters – s/t
Alfa Obscura – Plutonian Shores
I Left The Planet – s/t
Delirium Bound – Delirium, Dissonance and Death
Yurei – Working Class Demon