Canadian dark folk gems

There’s no denying it any longer, Canada has conquered our dark folk hearts.

Hearing the “Woodfall” album on Bandcamp in 2014 resulted in an instant crush and we’re more then happy to finally release this beautiful piece of neoclassical inspired dark folk music as a double 12″ vinyl.

Musk Ox has received unanimous praise from fans and critics, with “Woodfall” appearing on numerous year-end lists and receiving glowing reviews from metal, indie and dark folk circles. Building upon the acoustic atmospheres founded by such iconic artists as Ulver, Empyrium and Tenhi, “Woodfall” is a worthy addition to the dark folk tradition celebrated and cherished by listeners around the world.

>>> Musk Ox – Woodfall purchase link <<<

Simultaneously, we are also releasing the debut album of what is most likely one of the most surprising & talented newcomers: Ulvesang. Their self-titled debut captured the attention of the underground and these new kids on the block will no doubt be spearheading the new wave of Canadian Neofolk.

>>> Ulvesang – s/t purchase link <<<

We’re excited to work with both artists and are proud they have entrusted us with the fruition of their hard labour. If you’ve been looking for innovative and inspiring neofolk, you have reached your destination.