Dance With The Dead – The Shape

“The Shape begins innocuously enough with a soaring female vocal line underpinned by light arpeggiated synths. The title of this intro ‘There’s A Storm Coming’ is rather literal: the first song proper on the record after the introduction, ‘Eyes Of Madness’ is a complete monster of a track. Kicking off with deep synth notes, the lead riff is quickly shown to the listener: and it’s a strong one, carried by a furious pulsating beat.

Most of the tracks on The Shape are fast and powerful numbers, inspired by heavy metal and seemingly destined for mosh pits”.

Dance With The Dead succeeds where so many fail: they display a unique blend of heavy metal, dark electro and nostalgic ‘80’s inspired synthwave that keeps you tied to your chair.

This is the long-awaited first physical release of Dance With The Dead. Presented in a 4-panel CD digifile with 4/4 printing and UV spot varnish to give it that extra touch.