Horologium – The World Is Not Enough

Two years after their debut cd ‘The Fire Sermon’, here’s finally the second full-length album from Horologium. This time the music is more bombastic, crazy and filled with the astonishing fragrance of the 1920’s. Comes with a stunning artwork and Nietzschean flavour. Serve chilled and expect the unexpected. The album includes two extra exclusive tracks, one of them recorded with the assistance of HERR’s Troy Southgate. Design by Nikolay Saveliev. Mastering by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk.

“This album is much more eclectic than the debut The Fire Sermon. This new record of Horologium released by Neuropa records has dark ambient, ritual and tribal industrial with fragments of historical street recordings from the 1920’s, which have been processed in a weird way. Dark ambient industrial music with a peculiar twist. Horologium has not only achieved in making an interesting album of high quality, but also a varied album.” Gothtronic

“C’est l’album le plus martial de Horologium, le plus ryhtmé et le plus industriel aussi. C’est pour moi la meilleure production à ce jour d’Horologium, la plus aboutie avec The Fire Sermon, ce nouvel opus en est un à part entière et il vaut le détour.” Brokendolls.org