K100 – The Vault Of Apparitions

The solo project of Kim Sølve (Trine + Kim Design Studio, Swarms, M) turns loose his first collection from the vault. After a decade of introspection, intense work and self-imposed musical seclusion he now presents the first 12 tracks of dark glimmering electronic music. This is distant, transporting music built from ghost frequencies and hoarse sound fields. The building blocks are carved from excursions to industrial ruins and condemned places which resonates with otherness and timelessness, as well as from sounds of personal artifacts and intense personal experiences bordering on rituals. The glimpse into the vault can be yours. Turn the key, open the vault and hear what’s inside…

K100 – the aural equivalent of a false awakening.

Originally scheduled for release in October 2009 this dark gem has suffered a severe delay following unfortunate circumstances. The first edition is now destroyed and the REAL edition is available at last!

De amelodieuze dark ambient soundscapes van K100 klinken sinister, intuïtief, tijdloos, desolaat en zeer donker. Titels als ‘No Light’, ‘Winters In The Making’, […], etc. spreken voor zichzelf. De tracks variëren in lengte van zeer korte stukjes van nog geen twee minuten tot het magnum opus, het meer dan 13 minuten durende slotstuk ‘Flies In His Smile’, vol diepduistere drones en metalen geratel. Stop de sleutel in het slot en treed de spookkelder binnen… Als je durft! Darkentries.be