Nastrond – Celebration Of The Four

Nåstrond’s ‘Celebration of the Four’ sees it’s official re-release almost 20 years after it’s original recording back in 1996. This masterpiece of Ritualistic Dark Ambient will now be available for the first time on pro-printed CD format in a joint effort with Zazen Sounds.

The album was never released by Nåstrond’s label Napalm Records, which was intended to be published after the ‘Age of Fire’ album. The material was later on remixed and made available in 2004 as a limited hand-made edition released through Nåstrond Productions. To this day, very few copies are in existance and they have been extremely rare to come by.

Nåstrond are proud to finally mark their legendary album through this publishing with additional descriptions of the content describing the ritual of the four elements. The repress is adorned with new artwork made exclusively for this release.