Oda Relicta – The Crown & The Plough

This is not martial industrial, this is martial music. Oda Relicta is the product of one Olegh Kolyada who recorded ‘The Crown & The Plough’ with the aid of the Zhytomyr Military Orchestra. ‘The Crown & The Plough’ is a well-thought-over record overviewing the history of Olegh’s motherland, The Ukraine. The album scores the clash between workmen and nobles; where the crown meets the plough! Grandiosely conducted Slavonic faithful hymns, orchestral sacred marches and utopian neo-folk nicely meld into a mysterious and refined album. Design by Nikolay Saveliev.

“After the last note has sounded, I am left wanting more, and while it is too early to comment on whether this is the neoclassical / martial masterpiece of the year, it will be tough to beat.” Heathen Harvest

“The Crown & The Plough probably is the most bombastic and intricate neo-classical work I have heard so far. […] Intoxicating at moments but also very impressive.” Gothtronic

“The Crown & The Plough ist, im besten Sinne, eine Wahnsinns-Arbeit.” Nonpop