TenHornedBeast – Elphame

Forged from the darkest black, Christopher Walton’s drone-doom project will guide you to the Edge of the World… Walk lightly and not long in Elphame!

I bought a ticket at Victoria Station and went by Herne Hill, Bromley and Bickley and passed St. Mary Cray. At Eynsford I changed and taking a footpath along a winding valley went wandering into the hills. And at the top of a hill in a little wood, where all the anemones long since were over and the perfume of mint and thyme from outside came drifting in I found once more the familiar path, age-old and fair as wonder, that leads to the Edge of the World.

I had heard of its sacred memories that are one with the secret of earth and I went down that path going further and further from the fields we know. The glamour that is at all times upon those lonely lands that lie at the back of the chalky hills of Kent, as it is on the wildernesses of Pennine Horeb and the ebbing lands of memory, intensified as I journeyed. Queerer and queerer grew the things that I saw by little World-End Path but it is well to remember that those things are not our lot, and although we may long for the wonder that they bring their beauty will burn our eyes and turn our waking days to dust and bitterness. Walk lightly and not long in Elphame.

Recorded over many years and with diminishing patience at Spennymoor Electric by TenHornedBeast.