Toroidh – Segervittring

Toroidh legionaries, prepare for battle! June 2007 celebrates the return of one of the protagonists of martial industrial. After a few years hiatus, Toroidh returns to the battlefield and is ready to invade your stereo. Now exclusively signed to Neuropa, Toroidh flexes it’s muscles and unleashes an album filled with the trademark military tunes in the finest tradition of the genre. ‘Segervittring’ stands for the smell of victory and that’s exactly what you’re getting. Herr Nordvargr knows no mercy and leaves his enemies scattered behind in the midst of scorched earth. ‘Segervittring’ comes elegantly packaged in a six-panel A5 digipack bearing the artwork of Norwegian artists Trine & Kim whose previous employers include Ulver, Mayhem and Darkthrone.

“It is nevertheless undoubtedly stirring stuff. Toroidh cover this basic ground as gloriously and blaantly as Triarii or Arditi, but also add deeper layers taking cue from cinematic dark ambience and pungent death ambient.” Terrorizer

“Segervittring reminds strongly of the Cold meat Industry sound and with that it is not only recommended to those who like martial industrial but also to purveyors of dark ambient such as Desiderii Marginis make. Toroidh have returned with a pretty strong military flavoured martial industrial release.” Gothtronic

“Segervittring is a must have purchase for ALL fans of Toroidh. Fans of martial industrial music will find a fulfilling and inspiring listen with this album and anyone wanting to get a grasp on this prolific genre would be encouraged to secure a copy of Segervittring and begin your journey with confidence with a competent composer leading the way.” Heathen Harvest