Ulver – Perdition City

ULVER’s fifth full-length album, 2000’s Perdition City (Music to an Interior Film) is back – in black, white, purple and clear.

Perdition City continued the experimentation started by Ulver on Themes from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven & Hell (1998), containing elements of trip hop, ambient, spoken word, jazz and electronica. But the album showed the band retreating further, into isolation, a sort of turn of the millennium angstiness, observations of haunting nocturnal (noir) beauty and urban decay.

It was described on its release as moody, atmospheric electronica, cinematic in scope and evoking a soundtrack for an imaginary film.

Kerrang! praised the album, noting “This ain’t rock ‘n roll. This is evolution on such a grand scale that most bands wouldn’t even be able to wrap their tiny little minds around it.”

AllMusic concluded that “Perdition City evokes just the sort of desolate, rainy-night-in-the-city atmosphere it sets out to create.”

We at Jester/Neuropa are very proud to finally present this ultimate LP edition of this classic album.

It has been repressed by popular demand (make no mistake). The first 500 copies of this on LP were manufactured and sold during Ulver’s European tour (2010) and never even made it to any mailorder or distributor. Our 2nd press (500, and identical to the first vinyl press) that same year flew right out the window and people have been asking about it ever since.

So this time, after much ado, we decided to give this classic the full ‘audiophile’ treatment, a new hi-end analogue mastering specifically for vinyl (courtesy of Jaime Gomez/Orgone Studios, London), 180 gram 2XLP and with the previously never-on-vinyl hors d’ouvre EP Metamorphosis from 1999 on side D.