Ulver update

By popular demand, we have re-stocked the vintage Ulver black metal styled t-shirts. Nattens Madrigal & Kittelsen’s Troll (both designed by Valnoir/Metastazis) are available for purchase again.

New to our emporium is a rather stylish accessory for the real Ulver aesthete. After numerous requests if Ulver would ever make flasks again – 200 Shadows of the Sun flasks were made in 2007 – we decided to contact a craftsman in England committed to making products to the highest quality and at prices which represent excellent value for money. We introduced two different designs (by Trine+Kim), each limited to 50.

Wolf flask Messe flask

On the downside, we regret to inform you that the test presses of the Perdition City repress has been rejected by the band. The original plates were no longer available at the company and the new cut just doesn’t cut it. Therefore we have opted to give the next Perdition City vinyl edition the treatment it deserves: a thorough remastering specifically for vinyl (courtesy of Jaime Gomez Arellano/Orgone) and pressed on heavy 2×12″ vinyl. No release date or pre-order date set yet, sorry. But expect this on Jester via Neuropa Records summer 2015.

More news to come, including new shirts as well as new recorded output by the band.

That’s all folks, Ulver out!

TriORE: 2015 teaser for Farewell All My Cumrades

Teaser for the upcoming 2015 release of TriORE, the bastard love-child of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and Triarii.

Closing down

Our mailorder will be closed ‘till mid-January for a long overdue vacation, making the inventory, restocking on sold-out material, etc.

We will be back in 2015 with new releases, merchandise & announcements.

During our absence, please stop by one of our partners in case of emergency:


Thanks to everyone who has shown their support over the last years.


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